Major issues with buying an older homes in Mississauga

Most of the homes in the older neighbourhoods of Mississauga are 20 to 100 years old. Ages comes with a big maintenance issue.  Here are the major factors people run away from when buying an older property.

Water Damage

Water damage is the most common issue older homes face, especially in neighbourhoods known to get flooded due to poor sewage lines. Water damage leads to a slew of other issues like mould or in severe cases, sinking foundations. Look out for stains on ceilings or on walls. A home inspector has a moister meter to test for possible moister hidden behind walls or tiles.


Week foundations

Foundations are another common problem in older homes that need to be closely inspected. The foundation is what holds your home in place so ensuring it’s in good condition is of the utmost importance. Look out for cracks and any crumbling, especially against the foundation walls. Cracked floors aren’t necessarily a problem but your inspector will be able to assess that for you. Inspect the exterior foundation as well for any possible damage.

Pipes and Drains

Pipes and Drains in older homes are often made of materials no longer used in today’s homes. Whether made of lead, iron or clay, these pipes should be checked to ensure they’ve been updated. Today’s plumbing should be made of copper or PVC. Older homes can be susceptible to sewage backup so try to find out from the city when the water mains were last serviced or updated.

Electrical Components

Electrical components of older homes should always be thoroughly inspected. Older homes can still be using a fuse system which should be updated to a breaker system. Your home should have at least 100 amp service and all outlets in washrooms and on the exterior should be GFCI’s which will automatically shut off if water penetrates the outlet or if you accidentally drop your blow-dryer into a full sink. Look out for aluminum or knob and tube wiring which is a huge fire hazard.

Heating system

Heating systems in older homes were usually comprised of wood burning stoves or run from oil tanks. Today, the most common are natural gas or electrical. Test the furnace to ensure its running well and check when it was last serviced or replaced.



Insulation in older homes wasn’t much of a concern as many decades ago energy costs were relatively low. With the cost of heating bills through the roof these days, it’s important to check your attic for insulation to ensure that it’s sufficient and evenly placed. Older homes are usually made of double brick siding with plaster on the inside so they likely are void of any insulation. You may be able to spray insulation into the walls but this can be a costly endeavour.

Buying an older home generally comes with a better location and more land, however, always thoroughly inspect your home and speak to your realtor if you are planning on buying a one. We personally are big advocates of newer houses and condos as they come with many factors. If you are looking for a house in Mississauga directly from builder. Look no further than us. we have special connections with builders which give our clients special incentives and discount with pre access then most realtors in Toronto , Vaughan and Mississauga.

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