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Scarborough Village, Toronto is an east Toronto neighbourhood known for a high number of public transit users, renters, young kids, and high school grads. It is a diverse neighbourhood notable for a high number of Creoles, Bengali, Tamil, Hungarian, and Urdu speakers.

Scarborough Village largely features condos, accounting for 49% of sales, followed by detached houses at 24% and condo townhouses at 16%.  Scarborough Condo apartments are the most common style and the majority of properties have 3 bedrooms. The average price in Scarborough Village over the past 12 months is $563,146, an increase of 37% over the same period last year. The average condo price over the past 12 months is $321,130 as compared to the average freehold price of $1,029,448 over the same period.

Currently, the neighbourhood is comprised of schools, public and private housing, rental complexes, residential condos, and numerous strip mall plazas. Scarborough Village is seeing development boom, with a variety of new condominium structures are being proposed. A collection of mid to high-rise towers is looking to add to the recent densification of this flourishing community. Density is focused along the major corridors and nearby transit hubs of Scarborough village.

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